This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form. For now we just use this formular to developing the page and has no booking etc on the pages. For rapid contact use the maps to find the phone and location on each etablishment Hotels, Restaurants & Bars or Even the Motorcycle rental with the European Deli Shop near the MB’s Tavern.

You can contact us just by clicking on the part you want to contant in the infographic maps of Hotels in Mactan Cebu

Hotel near Mactan Airport & dinner to rest and sleep with breakfast before doing some island hopping or just spend some days in Cebu before going hopping in among some 7000 Islands of Philippines. Rent a bike at the Motorcycle Rental nearby.
Proven best simply by testing … first some slow days at Mactan island and around in Cebu to get used to the bike, which could be good since traffic could be a little bit unusual. Then now the adventure is ready to start fresh with and rested body and an open mind.


On Mactan island the Basak Kagudoy road – There is 

-Motorcycle Rental a nice place to rent a bike

-Restaurant Tavern MB’s  with the famous sketti, Pizza and …

-European delicatesses shop

All included under one roof

The Hotel Garden & Restaurant Bar is some 100 meters away on the very same basak kagudoy road – Just looking at the maps will show you how to get back and forth.

Motorcycle rental