To start with, the beginning could be a good place to start with. So once upon the time in chronology there was humans and if humans ever have had a need to be eating, the oldest profession of them all is in food-supplying chains, from bartering to catering & to get str

onger after an long traveling in ancient times.

The art of amplifiers by the nature and gospels of good food started to grooving all over the globe. From Restau Rare it took its name and Restaurant it became.

A good pension or a hostel to stay,

From the meaning of roof over the head and a secure place to stay, then came Ostel, Hostel ” hôtel ” a lodging, a guesthouse. From the echo of needing a roof and a room came the accommodation.

Into the shelter of sleeping into a guesthouse

To ensure good health and in fact by the very same meaning as Hospital, to feel the comfort of being in good care. To be able to relax and direct the forces to inner planning of a future event that would be coming. and would be more likely to occur as a successful event by having had the fortune of good planing, good considerations. and even time enough to think through the genome of maps into the senses, as integral use to spell signed spaces as the essay of unwritten masterpieces who from that point and angle can lift the cognitive fitting into something that before was impossible.

Yes i guess that was it. And from hotel to Motel then it came by the way it is & how the nature of things tend to spell the signed.
Hospitalis hospitale ostel hostel Hotel, word over do you hear me? Function is the gear init. Water global unite and whipping the cliffhanging, slash back to feedback function. and flashback in its echo. Yo-Yo Know by being able to holding the resonance of the function seemed before as an essay of the flowing state.


In Global function round up, to having a point

A town house, mansion,a grand private residence, an establishment that provides accommodation and other services for paying guests; normally larger than a guesthouse

  • hostel

One of the very fundaments to the modern world, to travel in a secure way without knowing it al. Like the Restau Rare that later came to be the Restaurant, to the hospitale that then came to be the hostel and hotel & even Motel by the way…

  • Hindi: होटल (hoṭal)
  • Japanese: ホテル (hoteru)
  • Korean: 호텔 (hotel)

Place to stay In by the way

  • inn
  • motel


Long after came the flights into the way we travel

Mactan new 2018 international Airport of Cebu from Mactan Cebu on youtube.